How To Get Free Medicines

Free Medicines

Free medicines are available with us. You can ask for 30 Pills free. As you are very much aware that there is postage services are not free by any country or even private Shipping/Courier agency used to charge for shipping.

We are sure that you understand this and ready to bear the $12.95 shipping expenses. Medicine price will be bear by us. Please do share the Shipping address and talk, chat, or email us in detail to avoid any confusion. And then ask for the invoice for $35 or pay as requested.

After receiving the money you will get a tracking id within 24-48 hours on weekdays, otherwise, you will get tracking in on Monday or Tuesday morning. The pack will be shipped by EMS and you will receive the pack by USPS In the next 15-20 days.

Why we are sending free medicines (30 free pills)

War and Inflation: After Covid-19 and with this Ukraine war prices of petrol and other essential items are increased. The inflation percentage is getting up to 5 percent to 15 percent depending on the country to country.

Costly medicines: These days each and every person and going for money and trying to earn money from each and every source. So Medicine companies and pharmacies are also doing the same. Some Pharmacy and people dealing with pharmacy are trying to make the best out of this situation. They are overcharging the customers. Medicines are getting out of reach for most of the person.

Our Mission: Our Mission is to make quality generic medicines available to each and every person at a reasonable rate only.

We want Customers: We also want to make huge customers like other pharmacies. We know we are good and our medicines are also That’s why we are giving medicines free so that we can make new and old customers and keep them and serve them forever.

Dealing with Others: I know might be you dealing with another person taking medicine from another pharmacy. But I can assure you that we can save your money price and guarantee delivery. Our Pharmacy is more than 11 years and our this website is running for more than 4 years and having a trust score of 95% on

Things to Take care

  1.  We are providing free medicines to one individual in one home, which means only one family member can get 30 Pills for free in one house
  2.   I am very much sure you understand us, we also do have limited funds and we want to reach a maximum number of people. That’s we do have one person and 30 pills policy. 
  3. Pack tracking id will be shared as received, pack will not shipped on priority mail. It might take time to receive the tracking id
  4.  Packs usually get delivered in 12-15 days, might be it will take more time.
  5.  You will Pack movement update by text and by email
  6. Pack movement update will be periodically given to you till you receive the pack.
  7.   As we are giving medicines for free and taking only part shipping charges only. You can ask for replacement, return or refund.
  8. Make sure you don’t hide any thing about your current medical conditions. Our shipping partners do have quality medicines only, If pills are not working for you, then there will be other reason as well as each human body is different from others.

Pills you can get free

Medicines that you will not free




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