Refund and Return

Please read all in detail as you read terms and conditions while placing order with us:

We ( and our shipping agencies are believing in serving our customers for the long term and are bound to providing the highest quality products and customer service. They give all our valued customers a 45 days moneyback guarantee.

We and our shipping agency is shipping and doing business for more than 10 years, they do discreet packing to avoid the customs and shipping the packs.

When the postal department/carrier mishandles the packs and the packs are torn or either address is torn off from the pack, the packets can become stuck in customs again in the respective country.

We value your money that’s why we provide the best quality products and services. We all know we spent money the same as you for medicine and shipping and we get very little margins. Our prices are way too low than other pharmacies.

It is our kind request please read all before asking for a refund so that we can initiate the refund as per the Term and Conditions.

Things to do for claiming refund

For Claiming Refund, Please do the all following things, so that we can process the refund.

  1. Give us a Call on 631-485-6601 and email to [email protected]
  2. Give us the exact reason in the e-mail, and please do mention it all in detail so that we can help you.
  3. And send us pictures of pills showing the name of pills and picture of The envelope/box showing the Tracking id of the pack in the same picture. (which we and our shipping agency will compare that what we commit and what you received) .
  4. Please do send the screenshot of the payment confirmation email sent by us
  5. And payment screenshot of PayPal and Bank.

Cancellation and refund

Customers can cancel the order within 3-4 hours of making the payment. Once the payment has been made and the order has been forwarded to the Shipping Department, no refunds can be declared.

Return and Refund

Refund and Return both are related. You have to return the pack to the address given by us, if you want a refund against the medicine not working for you please do read all the Terms and Conditions you agreed upon while placing the order. So that there is no confusion and miss understanding.

When I can not claim refund

1. Customer changed his/her address.

2. Customer provided a wrong address even in shipping address confirmation.

3. The order arrived at the right address, but there was no one to receive it as might be you are out of town or county, As USPS and other postal services left a notice to claim the pack and they keep the pack of 10-15 days before sending the package back to the sender.

4. Customer did not claim the pack even updated by us on email or over the phone and text.

5. The order arrived at the right address, but someone else claimed it, It is your duty as well to get in touch with the local post office and postal agency to claim the pack.

6. When you ask for a specific brand of generic pills and confirm the same with us on email and pills do not work for you.

7. You can not claim for refund or return or reshipping for non-delivery of the pack after 2 days of delivery as we update the movement of the pack and request you to claim the pack.

8. Refund and re-shipping cannot be claimed if the pack is lost or stolen from the mailbox or PO Box but showing delivered on USPS, DHL, or concerned courier service website.

9. Reshipping is done on a 50-50 percent sharing basis, customer and each will have to pay the half amount (half cost of the pack)if the package is lost or damaged in transit,

When i can ask for refund

  1. Not Received the pack

If you did not get the product with the 30 working days in( normal routine days) and 45 working days in( Christmas and New Year or other national holidays)after making the payment. Our pack is getting delivered in 10-15 business/working days as well. But delivery also depends on the workload of local postal services like India Post, USPS, Royalmail, Parcel Force, and others, which can not be controlled especially in Christmas and New Year, consecutive holidays and due to Natural Climate and other reasons which cannot be controlled, It is our kind request please do get in touch with us on email [email protected] to know the exact reason of delay if any, We assure you that delivery of the pack is guaranteed.

2. I don’t like the pills

We are working with our shipping agencies for so many years and they also want to work for long-term business and they are keeping and sending Quality Generic pills only. If for any reason the pills do not work for you. Yes, you can ask for a refund and return or refund. Conditions of refund:

  1. Please contact [email protected] within 24-72 hours and send us the screenshot of pills and pack showing the market name of pills and tracking id on the Envelop/wrapper. We will forward your concern to the shipping agency and we will replace your pills with other brand pills.
  2. Please do send us pictures of pills showing the name of pills and a picture of The envelope/box showing the Tracking id of the pack in the same picture. (which we and our shipping agency will compare that what we commit and what you received) .
  3. If you want to return and refund, you have to return the remaining pills to another address of our shipping agency that we will update you, return address can be in the USA or overseas. Don’t return or send the package back to the sender’s address.

When i will receive the refund

Refund will be paid within 15-21 days after getting the request and all information above mentioned by the customer. It is our kind request please have patience, there are procedures for each and every process, we have to just follow the same and let us work for you. And please do get in touch with us once a week only to know the status. We assure you that your refund will be begun within the specified time after going through it all.

Customers Claiming False Claiming Refund: If Our shipping agency and we found that Refund or return Claim is false, we will put the customer in Chargeback/Refund Customer List so that he will not able to order anything online in future.


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