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Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone

What are kidney stones?

Kidney Stone is a crystalline and hard mineral material, which is formed within the kidney or in our urinary tract. A kidney stone is a common cause of hematuria (blood in the urine) and is often severe pain in the stomach, groin or flank. Kidney Stone is sometimes called Renal Calkuli.

The condition of kidney stone or several stones is called nephrolithiasis. However, in other places in the urinary tract, the stone is known as urolithiasis. Anyone can develop this disease, but people with certain diseases and conditions, or people with certain calcium-rich antacids, diuretics and protease inhibitors, are more sensitive to this disease. This disease is more common in men than in women.

Kidney Diagnosis:

Diagnosis of kidney stones is a controversial process. Generally, imaging tests are performed on patients to confirm the diagnosis of this disease. In the case of medical emergency-related non-opposite CT scans on patients, because it is done faster and it helps to fix Planck and other causes of stomach pain.

However, in recent days, it is believed that CT scan exposes patients to more radiation, with the ultrasound scan, the plane is used to diagnose kidney stones with abdominal X-rays. When patients are kept on medicines, it has been observed that through the urine small stones are passed naturally. However, in order to break the big stone into smaller pieces for a large stone (greater than 9-10 mm), lithotripsy is done with the help of shock waves, so that they can pass through the urine system.


There is sudden pain and cramping in the area of the waist or in the throat and abdomen.

  • nausea and vomiting.
  •  Urine exits urine sometimes.
  •  Fever and cold
  •  Difficulty in urination with testicular or pineal pain.

Signs that there are stones in the kidney, these 7 symptoms that appear in the body, do not ignore

Kidney stone

Drinking less water than necessary food and drinking is an important reason for kidney stone. Usually these stones are removed from the body by urine. Polynesia is formed in many people and without any problems, it also goes out, but if the stone becomes big, it causes obstruction in the ureter. In this situation there is unbearable pain around the urine. To avoid this problem, it is most important to recognize these signs and treat it over time. So let’s know what are the initial warning signs of kidney stones.

Early symptoms of kidney stones

Kidney stones can cause severe pain in the lower back or lower part of the stomach, which can last for a few minutes or hours. There may be a complication of pain and vomiting with pain. If there is infection in any part of the urinary system, its symptoms may include fever, shiver, sweating, pain along with urine, etc. Also blood may come in the urine.

Blood in urine

People with kidney stones often come in pink, red or brown color. And due to the increase of the stone the urethral block is blocked, people with stones in the urine can have blood tightens in the urine.

Frequent urine with pain

People suffering from kidney stones often complain of frequent or painful urination. This happens when kidney stones go into the bladder from the urethra. It is extremely painful and it often causes the urine tract infection.

back pain

Serious pain is a common problem of people suffering from kidney stones, especially in the lower part of the waist and waist. The pain can go from the lower part of the stomach to the middle of the stomach and the forearm. This pain persists for a few minutes or hours and relaxes in between.

nausea and vomiting

Feeling confused in the stomach and nausea is one of the earliest signs of kidney stones and vomiting can occur in it. The vomiting comes from two reasons, due to the transfer of the first stone and the other kidneys help to excrete the toxic (toxic) inside the body and when the stones are blocked due to them, then to take these toxic cells out of the body Vomiting remains the only way.

Stinking urine

With urine color spoils with stones in the kidneys, urine appears to be muddy and odorous. Such is the presence of hard chemicals in the body that live in the body which make the crystal crystal

Trouble sitting

If the kidney stone is large or quite stimulating, the patient has difficulty sitting in the area due to pressure on that area. Even he feels unable to lie in a comfortable position. This is the reason why many people suffering from kidney stones often stand up.

Feeling fever and cold

On leaving the kidney stone untreated, the problem of high fever and chills is often persisted. This causes the possibility of urinary tract infections (or UTI) increases. In this condition the patient should meet the doctor immediately.

Kidney and swelling in the stomach

Large stone blocks the urine flow and causes painful inflammation in the kidneys. Kidneys are located on either side of the body near the diaphragm and on the stone you can feel swelling in the area of the abdomen and waist area.

What is the treatment of Kidney Stones Treatment?

Kidney stones can grow in your body and severe pain inside the stomach and even urine may be blood or there may be trouble in urinating. Different people are affected by various calculus and causes, due to the imbalance in the constituents of urine, kidney stone becomes the cause. If your kidney is developing small size stones then it can be treated with non-invasive treatment. When the stone passes through your bowel movements then you may have to drink 2 litres of water. Other methods help in the form of oral medicines, such as muscle relaxants and eradication process, and even pain relief medicines. Treatment of common tumour kidney stones is done with less invasive methods and the need for surgery to remove stones is less. When large stones are formed in the kidney or urinary tract, it can cause severe pain, urinary tract infections and kidney damage. Surgery for removal of stones and parathyroid gland surgery are used in ways that require extensive treatment.


Kidney stone i.e. kidney stones Most people in the present day routine become stomach in the kidney, but its pain is unbearable. To avoid this, it is important to take a diet that keeps the kidney clean and healthy. We are telling you 10 such things that will help you save from kidney stones –

1 cumin seed 

Grind equal quantity of cumin seeds with sugar and mixing it in water, it also benefits from taking one spoon three times a day. By taking it with cold water every day, the kidney stone will be out very quickly through the urine.

2 Fennel 

Fennel is a panacea treatment for kidney stones. It helps to keep your kidney clean. For this, seep, mishri and dry coriander in 50-50 grams, soak it in half a litre of water and filter it after 24 hours and make a paste. Now drink half a cup of water in a spoonful paste. This cleans the kidneys, and the stone leaves out.

3 Red grapes 

Cardamom and kidney red grapes are very beneficial. It helps to keep the kidney healthy and clean by exposing the toxic elements from the kidneys. This does not make the stone in the kidneys, or quickly get out.

4 Chaulai

Chaulai’s vegetable and its boiled water are both very beneficial in terms of kidneys. Apart from this, cooking is also beneficial by boiling the leaves of Chowlai and chewing it slowly. It is a panacea for melting kidney stones.

5 bell letter 

Roll the bell sheet on the stone with water or grind it and eat it in the morning with whole black pepper. Consume it for seven consecutive days but increasing the volume of black pepper by day. After this, repeat it again next week but reduce the amount of black pepper. Stretch leaves in two weeks.

6 cabbage leaf 

Cabbage Eating helps in keeping the kidney clean and not poisoning the element. There is less potassium content and the amount of vitamins is high. That’s why cabbage is beneficial for kidney.

7 Bathua 

Boil half a kilo of brahman with 800 ml water, filter it in a cloth or tea strainer. Mix the bath well and mix half teaspoon black pepper and rock salt and eat it 3 to 4 times a day. This leaves the kidney stones.

8 Amla

The use of Amla powder and radish together with kidney stone leaves. There is very little amount of albumin and sodium chloride, which is beneficial for the treatment of stones.

 9 curd

Curd can also be taken as a treatment for kidney stones. Probiotic bacteria present in it excludes harmful substances from the kidney cleaning. This does not have the problem of kidney stones.

10 basil

Consumption of basil leaves is very beneficial for kidney stones. Vitamin B helps in getting rid of it.

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