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Hair Fall Causes And Remedies

Hair fall, also known as alopecia or baldness, refers to hair loss from the head or any part of the body. It usually involves scalp hair loss. The severity of hair loss can vary from a small area to the entire body. There is usually no swelling or scarring present in it. In some people, the cause of hair fall is psychological distress.

Everybody’s hair falls every day. Research has shown that a person has 100 hair loss per day. But due to excess hair loss, bald spots can appear on a person’s head.

In the case of a woman, the hair on the top of her head is thin. Hair loss is not a fatal situation. But it can be seriously jeopardized that the way it looks, it can endanger confidence.

Men, women, and even children may experience hair loss. This condition usually occurs as a result of hormonal changes, heredity, medical conditions, or side effects of some medications. Hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss due to hereditary reasons as well.

Hair Loss Medicines

Hair loss symptoms

  • Too much hair fall
  • Grow dandruff
  • Hair dry
  • Hair loss in the bunches

If you are having all these symptoms then you should see your doctor because all these symptoms can be the symptoms of hair fall and your thick and long hair can be reduced.

Men are more likely to go bald due to hair fall. While baldness in women is negligible, the hair of women becomes weak and not dense.

Causes of hair fall

If there is any change or deficiency in our body then it affects our hair roots and the hair roots start drying up due to which the hair starts falling and when the hair starts falling more, then we will become more and more upset and depressed. Huh. If your hair is falling, then you first have to find out what is causing the hair fall.

Feverish illnesses such as

  • Typhoid
  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Anemia
  • Thyroid hormone deficiency
  • Head fungus and other infections
  • Hair loss has started due to sudden weight loss due to dieting.

Using something new on the hair, such as

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair dye
  • Contaminated Hair oil

There are mainly two reasons for hair loss: –

First, there is a lack of nutrition in the body due to which the body becomes weak and hair fall starts and

The second reason is the use of different types of shampoo conditioner hair dye on the hair.

  • Genetic and hormonal Genetic or hormonal causes also cause hair loss, which is called male pattern Barnes and female pattern Barnes, that means if you have a baldness or hair loss problem in the house, grandparents, uncles, aunts, mum-dads, or close relatives. It can also be a problem. It is called genetic or endogen. In men, this problem is seen only after 40 to 50 years, but due to the lifestyle of today and unhealthy food, even in adolescence, hair loss starts.
  • Hormonal diseases Hair loss, especially in women and girls, causes other diseases. Most women and girls have PCOS and thyroid disease easily because of which hair loss also occurs.

3. Tension

Being stressed due to problems in your life has become a very common thing and taking more stress can increase the problem of hair loss and can also cause baldness.

4. Alcohol and smoking

To reduce stress or to get intoxicated, people consume smoking and alcohol, due to which the person’s sleep is not able to be completed properly, due to which it has side effects on our entire body, it can cause hair loss and also baldness.

5. Meal

Avoid eating fast food, junk food, and plain oily food, and eat more sweet food like words like sweets and chocolate, etc. Include nutrients in your diet, it should be rich in vitamins, iron, magnesium, etc. We should eat a balanced diet for healthy and long hair.

6. Alopecia areata ( Sudden Hair Loss)

This is a disease in which a person starts scratching and scratching his own hair, in this disease, there are rashes in the head and the whole body hair can also fall.

7. Water hardening

There is also a problem of hair loss due to having saline water, so one should never clean plain hair with salt water.

Sometimes hair loss problems occur due to different circumstances like

  • Due to operation
  • Due to hospitalization
  • Live in another city
  • Physical stress
  • Mental stress
  • Social tension
  • Death of a loved one
  • Fights
  • Having a breakup
  • Inability to sleep well
  • Or don’t eat on time

Hair loss can also be caused due to different minor reasons, which in medical language is called telogen effluvium. But by solving these minor problems, the problems of hair loss are reduced or eliminated.

Treatment from hair fall

Along with treating hair loss and home remedies for hair loss, it is also necessary to take care of some important things. These measures are related to the lifestyle of the person and there is no exact scientific evidence available.

There are many types of chemicals in hair color available in the market, which is not good for hair. Repeated hair coloring can break the hair, as well as reduce the natural shine of hair.

  • Do not tie the hair too tightly. Tight tying can cause more hair breakage.
  • Clean the comb regularly.
  • Wear a scarf or cap on your head before going out in the sun to protect your hair from harmful sun rays and pollution.
  • Do not turn your hands repeatedly on the hair.
  • Do not wash your hair with warm water. Washing with hot water can make hair dry, lifeless, and tarnished.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Stay away from stress or anxiety.
  • Do yoga or meditation.

Just as the body needs care, the hair also needs adequate maintenance. The measures mentioned in this article to prevent hair fall are not only economical but also easy.

If even after adopting the home remedy for hair loss, one’s hair is falling continuously, then it is possible that the person has a serious health problem and they need to be treated for hair loss.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall

  1. Onion use

You should apply and massage garlic juice, onion juice, or ginger juice in your hair, this process should be done before bedtime and wash the hair after getting up in the morning, by doing this, the hair becomes long, strong, and thick.

2. Oil massage

Take any oil and massage it to your hair. If you massage with coconut oil or massage with Bhringraj oil, then your hair will become brighter, thicker, and stronger and will get rid of hair loss problems.

3. Green tea

Drinking a cup of green tree regularly relieves the problem of hair loss because green tea contains antioxidants that help prevent hair loss.

4. Lemon and Coconut Oil

Mixing lemon and coconut oil together and massaging it properly also relieve the problem of hair fall.

5. Aloe vera

The benefits of aloe vera are many. Aloe vera can be beneficial for health and skin as well as hair. It can be helpful in hair loss and hair growth. It can use as a hair fall medicine. This can prevent hair from deteriorating and can help keep hair healthy. Aloe vera can use with other ingredients such as almonds or castor oil.

6. Shikakai

Shikakai has been a traditional treat for hair care in the Indian subcontinent since ancient times. It is one of the Ayurvedic medicinal plants. To prepare it, the legumes, leaves, and bark of the plant are dried, then its powder or paste is made. It considers a good cleanser. It is naturally low in pH and does not pull oil from the hair.

Method of use

Shikakai is applied to the hair in the form of oil, shampoo, and conditioner.

Its uses are in combination with Amla and Ritha.

You can apply Shikakai powder to your hair by mixing it with any hair oil, curd, or egg.

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  1. Nice Blog! It can be caused by inheritance, hormonal changes, medical issues, or simply aging. Men are more likely than women to lose hair on their heads. Excessive hair loss from the scalp is commonly referred to as baldness. The most prevalent cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss as people become older.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information with us. Hair loss, commonly known as alopecia or baldness, can occur on the head or anywhere else on the body. The cause of hair loss in some persons is psychological discomfort. Good Work.

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