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Doxycycline, a tetracycline antibiotic that also inhibits bacterial growth, is well known for having anti-inflammatory qualities. It is used to treat a variety of bacterial illnesses, including acne, infections of the eye, nose, and throat, infections of the urinary and respiratory tracts, gum disease, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. Malaria and other parasitic disorders can also be treated with it.

Along with other medications, it is used to treat rosacea and acne, a skin condition that results in facial redness, flushing, and pimples. Oracea is only effective in treating bumps and pimples caused by rosacea.

It belongs to the tetracycline drug class antibiotics.

Colds, influenza, or some other viral contamination won’t be treated by anti-microbial like doxycycline. Taking too many antibiotics can make it more likely that you will get an infection in the future. That is impervious to anti-toxin treatment.

How to take

Doxycycline is accessible as a fluid suspension, tablet, postponed discharge tablet, and case for oral utilization. A couple of portions of doxycycline are required every day. A full glass of water should be consumed after each dose.
If taking Vibramycin makes your stomach hurt, you can take it with food or milk. The best dose of it should be discussed with your doctor or pharmacist. If there are any instructions on the prescription label, ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain them that you are uncertain about following.
Take this medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Never take it in larger or less amounts or more than directed by your doctor.


Adult Dosage Forms & Strengths


  • 50 mg (Monodox, generic)
  • 75 mg (Monodox)
  • 100 mg (Monodox, Vibramycin, generic)
  • 150 mg (Adoxa)

The solution reconstituted powder for IV

  • 100 mg (Doxy, generic)


  • 50 mg/5 mL (Vibramycin)

Oral Suspension

  • 25 mg/ 5mL (Vibramycin, generic)


  • 20 mg (generic)
  • 50 mg (Adoxa, generic)
  • 75 mg (Acticlate, Adoxa, generic)
  • 100 mg (Adoxa, generic)
  • 150 mg (Acticlate, generic)


You shouldn’t accept doxycycline assuming that you are adversely affected by any antibiotic medication anti-microbial.

It should only be used in severe or life-threatening conditions in children younger than eight. Children’s teeth may become permanently gray or yellow due to this medication.

Utilizing doxycycline during pregnancy could hurt the unborn child or cause long-lasting tooth staining later in the child’s life.

Side effects

The oral tablet of doxycycline can have side effects. Some are more normal, and some are serious..
Doxycycline might cause serious aftereffects. Immediately contact your doctor if you have:
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea and vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • rash
  • sensitivity to the sun
  • hives
  • temporary discoloring of adult teeth (goes away with dentist cleaning after the drug is stopped)

These effects may subside within a few days or weeks if they are mild. On the off chance that they’re more extreme or don’t disappear, converse with your primary care physician or drug specialist.

How it works

Doxycycline are a group of drugs that include Vibramycin. A class of medications is a gathering of meds that work likewise. These medications are much of the time used to treat comparable circumstances.

By preventing the production of a bacterial protein, this medication works. It does this by restricting to specific units of the protein. This prevents the protein from developing and treats your disease.


Q1. How many days do I need to take doxycycline?

Ans. Grown-ups and youngsters weighing 45 kilograms (kg) or more — 100 milligrams (mg) 2 times each day (like clockwork) for 60 days. Youngsters weighing under 45 kg — Portion depends on body weight and still up in the air by your PCP. The portion is typically 2 mg for each kg of body weight each day, 2 times each day for 60 days.

Q2. Is 7 days long enough to take doxycycline?

Ans. For physically sent contamination like chlamydia, the suggested time period for taking Doxycycline is two times everyday for 7 to 14 days. However, the condition’s symptoms should subside within a week. The severity of the infection also influences the duration of the drug’s action.

Q3. Is Doxycycline harmful long-term?

Ans. However, a severe side effect that affects all long-term users of doxycycline is inflammatory bowel disease. In the worst cases, severe inflammation causes the lower digestive tract to close, stopping blood circulation.


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