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Carisoprodol, sold under the brand name Soma among others, is a medicine utilized for outer muscle torment. Use is just supported for as long as three weeks. Impacts by and large start inside 30 minutes and keep going for as long as six hours. It is taken orally. Normal secondary effects incorporate migraine, dazedness, and languor


Q. Is Soma a safe drug?

Ans: Soma is by and large safe when recommended by a doctor and utilized as coordinated.

Q. What is the drug carisoprodol used for?

Ans: Carisoprodol is utilized to loosen up specific muscles in your body and ease the distress brought about by intense (present moment), difficult muscle or bone circumstances. In any case, this medication doesn’t replace rest, work out, exercise based recuperation, or different therapies that your primary care physician might suggest for your ailment.


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