Privacy Policy promises that we’ll do everything we’re required to by law to make certain that your private details are kept that way. The point of this document is to explain all of the ways in which we achieve that, from how we might utilise your data when running our service, to where it’s stored, who has access to it and how long we’re likely to hang on to it for. We’d really recommend that you take the time to read this carefully and remember what it says, as well as checking back here every now and then in case something has changed.

What types of data we collect

The data we collect from you is in several distinct types. These include your name and address, your payment details, how old you are, what sex or gender you are, your telephone number, your email address and various items of medical data. We’ll also keep a record of any correspondence between us, including letters, emails and web chat messages.

Why we collect it

Our legitimate reasons for using your data are inclusive of but not limited to identification, the processing of requested orders, correct and accurate delivery of merchandise, provision of ongoing customer care, observation of and compliance with our legal obligations and the processing and recording of payments in respect of your orders. In addition we extend this to enabling our network of collaborating physicians and pharmacists to discharge their duties efficiently and effectively by accessing relevant information on a confidential basis.

Why we keep it

As long as you’re a customer of ours, we’ll keep your data on file, but not for any longer than we have to. There are certain legal obligations we have which require us to hang on to some data for a set period even after you’re no longer trading with us. For example, accounting laws mean we have to maintain a record of payments for a minimum of seven years after you close your account. For medical data it’s longer still at 15 years. However, rest assured that legal obligations notwithstanding, we don’t keep any personal data longer than needed.