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Etizest 1 mg pill is an efficient anti-anxiety medication that’s almost like anxiolytic drug category of medicines. it’s used for the management of hysteria and short treatment of sleep disorder (sleeplessness). Etizest 0.25Mg pill is sometimes prescribed as a sedative and a hypnotic for sleep and anxiety disorders. It is not to be used for pregnant and fresh girls, for those with impaired excretory organ and liver functions, respiratory organ issues, and eye disease. There could also be increased sedation once had with medicines like beta blockers, opposing bacterial, opposing fungal and antipsychotics. It comes within the variety of a pill, to be soft on food. The suggested dose for associate degree adult is 3mg on a daily basis. ne’er take a double dose of Etizest zero.25Mg pill, it’s higher than you just skip it until the future time you’re taking it. keep in mind to raise the doctor any queries that you just could have concerning the drugs and therefore the course of the treatment.

Side effects

In addition to its meant impact, Etizest 0.25Mg pill might cause some unwanted effects too. In such cases, you want to obtain medical attention instantly. this can be not a thorough list of aspect effects. Please inform your doctor if you expertise any adverse reaction to the medication.

Major & minor aspect effects for Etizest 1mg pill

  • Drowsiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Vertigo
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Slurred speech
  • Change in sexual desire
  • Uncontrolled shaking of arms or legs
  • Visual disturbances
  • Urinary retention/incontinence
  • Stomach discomfort and pain
  • Excessive secretion
  • Memory issues


Missed Dose: Take the incomprehensible does as shortly as you bear in mind. The incomprehensible dose will be skipped if it’s virtually the time for a consequently scheduled dose. strive to not miss any dose because the amount and timings area unit terribly specific and non-adherence might cause some extra aspect effects.

Overdose: Report any incidence of o.d. to the doctor right away because the symptoms will be fatal, particularly if it’s consumed by a baby or someone victimization it while not a prescription. Symptoms of o.d. might embrace a slower rate of respiratory, bated heartbeat rate, severe somnolence, and fainting.

General directions

Take Etizest 0.5 mg pill as taught by the doctor. Your dose is probably going to be changed by the doctor throughout the course of treatment and thence all changes ought to be properly followed. don’t consume these drugs in larger or smaller quantities than prescribed. you’re probably to expertise some aspect effects whenever there’s a modification in dose amount or timings. The usage ought to be stopped step by step over time as taught.


  • If you are taking Etilaam 1 mg Tablet for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety, it should not be used for more than 4 weeks.
  • It may become less effective over time. It causes sleepiness or drowsiness. If this happens to you, do not drive or use machinery.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol when taking the Etilaam 1 mg Tablet, as it may cause excessive sleepiness or drowsiness.
  • Inform your doctor if you’re pregnant or attending to conceive or breastfeeding.
  • Inform your doctor if you’ve got ever been diagnosed with excretory organ or liver issues.
  • The addiction / habit-forming potential of Etilaam 1 mg Tablet is very high.

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