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Hydroxyzine is used as a sedative to treat tension and anxiety because it also lowers activity in the central nervous system. It is also used in conjunction with other drugs administered both before and after general anesthesia.

Hydroxyzine is marketed under the brand names Atarax, Vistaril, and others. It is used to treat nausea, including motion sickness-related nausea, as well as itching, sleeplessness, anxiety, and other conditions.

Hydroxyzine lessens the effects of the body’s endogenous chemical histamine. Itching or hives on the skin are two symptoms that histamine can cause.

Hives and contact dermatitis are examples of allergic skin reactions that can be treated with hydroxyzine.

How soon does hydroxyzine begin to provide results?

The effects of hydroxyzine appear quite soon. Most people will begin to feel its effects within 30 minutes, and they will reach their peak in around 2 hours. Although it’s excellent that it starts working right away, keep in mind that many of its potential negative effects can also be felt right away.

How ought I consume hydroxyzine?

Follow your doctor’s instructions for taking hydroxyzine. Observe every instruction on the prescription drug label. On occasion, your doctor could adjust your dosage. Use of this medication outside of the specified range or for longer than advised is not advised.

Before you measure a dose, give the oral suspension (liquid) a good shake. Use the accompanying dosing syringe, a dose-measuring spoon, or a medicine cup to measure liquid medications. Ask your pharmacist for a dose-measuring tool if you don’t already have one.

Only use hydroxyzine for a brief period of time.

This medication should not be taken for more than four months. If your anxiety symptoms do not subside or worsen, contact your doctor right away. Keep your items at room temperature away from heat and moisture.

Effects of hydroxyzine

If you have any of the following symptoms of an allergic response to hydroxyzine: hives, trouble breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, seek emergency medical attention.

Rarely, hydroxyzine may result in a serious skin response. If you have abrupt skin redness or a rash that spreads and results in white or yellow pustules, blistering or peeling, stop taking this medication and contact your doctor right once.

If you have: Stop taking hydroxyzine and contact your physician right away.

  • a hammering or rapid heartbeat;
  • headache and heartache;
  • severe lightheadedness, dizziness; or
  • a convulsion (convulsions).

Older folks may be more susceptible to negative side effects like disorientation and sleepiness.

The following are typical adverse effects of hydroxyzine:

  • drowsiness;
  • headache;
  • mouthfeel; or
  • body rash

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Things to take care

Birth malformations may result from hydroxyzine. Before taking hydroxyzine while pregnant or breast-feeding, consult your doctor.

Particularly if you take other medications at the same time as hydroxyzine. This medication might lead to major heart issues.

Also to any new or discontinued medications, be sure your doctor is aware of them all.

Your mind or reactions could be affected by this medicine. If you drive or do anything else that calls for alertness, use caution. If you experience a severe side effect,

  • such as tremors,
  • confusion,
  • seizures,
  • uncontrollable muscle movements in your eyes, mouth, jaw, or neck,

stop taking this medication and contact your doctor right away.

Alcohol use can exacerbate some of the hydroxyzine’s adverse effects.¬†


How much time does hydroxyzine remain in your body?

The usual time that hydroxyzine stays in your system is 100 hours, but the therapeutic effect may subside earlier. The half-life of hydroxyzine is approximately 20 hours. A drug’s half-life is the amount of time it takes for its plasma (blood) concentration to fall by 50% from its initial level. Most of the hydroxyzine in an adult’s system has been cleared from their body after around 20 hours multiplied by 5 half-lives (100 hours).

Does hydroxyzine cause sleepiness?

Yes, the antihistamine hydroxyzine has a sedative and drowsy effect. Due to its calming qualities, it can be used to relieve anxiety and stress. Additionally, it is utilized as an adjunct medication for hives or itching and as a general anesthetic during surgery. Hydroxyzine may make it risky for you to drive or operate harmful

machinery since it may impair your thinking or reaction time. Patients who are older may experience these symptoms more.

How soon does hydroxyzine start to work?

Although the sleepy effects of hydroxyzine may last for 4 to 6 hours, they begin to take action in approximately 15 to 30 minutes. For up to 4 days, hydroxyzine can lessen the itching and redness brought on by allergy skin testing. Also to be used as a preoperative medicine, hydroxyzine is also used to treat anxiety and allergy-related itching. If this medication makes you drowsy, avoid operating machinery, driving, or engaging in other activities that call for alertness.

If I stop taking hydroxyzine, when may I start drinking?

You should wait at least 48 to 60 hours (2 to 2.5 days) after stopping hydroxyzine before resuming alcohol consumption.

But if you have been using hydroxyzine to ease anxiety, you should be aware of the risk of switching from hydroxyzine to alcohol before you start drinking.

Your anxiety may rise if you drink alcohol or in significant amounts.

Ask your doctor to check the effects of drinking while also taking your new prescription because other medications for anxiety can also mix with alcohol. 


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