Billing Policy

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: We are accepting Payment by Bank Transfer and will soon accepting Visa, Master, Discover and Amex’s Card.

Q: What will appear on my card statement?
A: Charges from us will appear under WeCare on your credit card statement, you will be informed in your order confirmation e-mail of the exact name. If you have any doubt, contact us first.

Q: My card declined and the reason was “blocked”, why is my card blocked?
A: Our bank does not accept certain card or cards issued in certain countries or by certain banks to prevent fraud.

Q: The amount billed to my card was different to the amount on my order. Why?
A: In some cases, your card might be processed in a different currency and due to conversion rates the USD amount you see on your card statement might be slightly lower or higher than the amount shown on the order, we try everything possible so the amount is not higher, but we can not predict the fee your bank might charge you.

Q: How secure is ordering from the Internet?
A: For your security we are using SSL Encryption (Secure Socket Layer). This technology encrypts all communication between the sites secured pages and your computer making it safe to submit personal and credit card information. We have chosen to use 128bit (stronger) encryption. This simply means that we are using one of the best, most secured encryption currently available.