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Kidney stones are the result of a buildup of dissolved on the lining of the kidneys. Some kidney stone is small and some stone is large but both pains are the same. It consists of calcium oxalates. But it composed with some other compounds. It is also known as kidney stone. There are four types of kidney stones are -:

  • 1. Calcium
  • 2. Uric acid
  • 3. Struvite
  • 4. Cystine

SYMPTOMS:Kidney stone remains symptomless until it does not move into the urethra. Kidney stones symptoms are:

  • 1. Blood in urine.
  • 2. White blood cells and pus in the urine.
  • 3. Vomiting.
  • 4. Nausea.
  • 5. Fever.
  • 6. Pain in the back.
  • 7. Low urine volume.
  • 8. Urinary urgency.
  • 9. Pain belly or side.
  • 10. Pain during urination.

CAUSES: The leading cause of kidney stones is a lack of water in the body. Medical conditions such as urinary track infections, renal tubular acidosis and dent’s diseases increase the kidney stone. Kidney stones are in both males and females.

DIAGNOSIS: Several different tests verify the kidney stones in the human such as CT scan and ultrasound. The CT scan verifies the exact size and location of the kidney stone. And the ultrasound can diagnose many problems associated with kidney stones. A pregnant woman should only receive an ultrasound.

TREATMENT: Treatment of kidney stones is primarily focused on symptom management. Passing a stone is very painful. Drink 8-10 glass of water daily. Sometimes the tone is too big and doctor with the help of shock wave lithotripsy break the stone in two pieces which come pass out from urine tract.

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