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Anemia is a  disease that happen with the lack of  healthy red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is the main part of the red blood cells that bind oxygen. It happen when the blood has fewer or less amount of  red blood cells and less oxygen in the blood.

Factors that cause Anemia

There is lots of factors that can cause anemia, some of these are included :

There are many types of Anemia like hereditary and infant that occur at  the birth time and infect the baby.

Women in the childbearing years are particularly  targeted to the iron deficiency anemia because of the blood loose from the mensuration and the blood increase demand during pregnancy.

Older adults have also face anemia at the older age due to the health conditions and medications courses.

Types and Causes of Anemia


  • Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (Caused by red blood cells destruction)


          Red blood cells has life of 120 days in the blood streams, but they can be destroyed or removed beforehand.One type of anemia is autoimmune hemolytic anemia where the body immune system mistaken to identifying its own red blood cells and other foreign substance attack them.

Hemolytic Anemia caused by many reasons, this can any infection, it can be occur due to any condition it might be due to medications, or infected by any insects or animals. In some cases there is a reason toxic substances released from lungs and kidney. Hypertension, clotting or vascular disorder.

      2) Iron Deficiency Anemia (Caused by the blood loss)

              It caused by the lack of iron most often through the blood loss. Chronic blood loss due to any reason is the main cause of low iron level in blood. Young women have low grade iron deficiency anemia due the  loss of blood every month menstruation cycle. Recurrence of small ongoing bleeding, for instance from colon cancer or stomach ulcer, slow and ongoing occurrence of these ulcer can also lead to the deficiency of anemia. This type of anemia is also  caused by the unhealthy diet and even it can be occur in infant baby due to the less nutritious diet of mother.

    3)   Aplastic Anemia (Caused by faulty red blood cells)

              Aplastic anemia is life  threatening form of complete bone marrow failure. The blood contain unhealthy or poor quality of red blood cells, insufficient white blood cells and platelets. Bone marrow failure cause all three cell line produce in the bone marrow  to be inadequate. Aplastic anemia can occur at any age. The symptoms of this type of anemia include over exposure of toxic substance, cancer treatment , infections,medication, and genetic abnormalities.

Symptoms of Anemia

Some individual with anemia feel noticeable signs like feeling of tired, fatigue, increasing in heart rate and difficulty in breathing, hair loss, yellowing in eye, enlargement of spleen,  skin peeling and muscular weakness.

Medicines for Anemia


Oxymetholone is a synthetic anabolic steroid prescribed for anemia. It increase the amount of erythropoietin, which is involved in the formation of red blood cells.



Lenalidomide is an immunomodulatory agent prescribed for certain type of myelodysplastic syndromes and myeloma  either alone or with medicines that prescribe your doctor. Lenalid, lenalidomide

Iron Dextran

Iron dextran is an essential mineral prescribe for anemia and iron deficiency megaloblastic as an astringent. FERRI INJamp,IMFERON F-12 inj, IMFERON MD vial, SUPRAL amp.

Carbonyl iron

Carbonyl iron is a dietary supplement, prescribe for iron deficiency.Evaglow, Abonyl, Cario, iroon C,  Carbon capsule, Greenplex gold.

Epoetin methoxy polyethylene glycol

Epoetin methoxy polyethylene glycol is an erythropoiesis stimulating agent prescribe for anemia in people with chronic kidney failure. Ceriton, Epofer, Eposis.

Home remedies for Anemia

Increase the intake of vitamin C

Anemia tend to weaken your immune system, that is why you are at a risk of attack of bacteria, infection and inflammation. Sufficient amount of vitamin C can help to make immune system healthy and also increase the absorption of iron. You can add the consumption of vitamin C source food in your diet that help you to maintain the sufficient amount in your body.

Yogurt and turmeric

Someone suffering from anemia, your healthcare might prescribe you a cup of yogurt  twice a day with turmeric in it. In anemia person feel swelling and irritation in the skin, turmeric  act anti inflammatory and antibiotic for the skin, that help to prevent inflammation and irritation and make you feel calm.

Eat green and leafy vegetables

The high amount of chlorophyll  green vegetables, broccoli, leafy vegetables spinach, celery, green mustard are good source of iron. When you want to  eat these vegetables cook properly because these vegetables contain oxalic acid that might be prevent the absorption of iron in the body.1

Juices that should be drink up

Fresh juice of beetroot and pomegranate act as blood builder and it purifies blood as well. Beetroots and pomegranate are rich in iron and folic acid, minerals like  copper and potassium. You can combine both these juices with other fruit juices like apple juice, or carrot juice. Regular consumption of these juices can help in the building of blood and  blood circulation and also make you feel energetic and active for the whole day.

Sesame seeds

Consuming sesame seeds are also a great way of the intake of iron especially black sesame seeds. You can soak sesame seeds  for 2-4 hours in water and then grind them to make a fine paste and have it with a tablespoon of honey in a day.

Raisins and dates

Raisins and dates are a rich sources of iron and vitamin C. Regular consumption of a handful of raisins and 2-4 dates in breakfast or in a mid day snakes make you feel energetic and fulfill the amount of blood in the body.

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