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Summer Skin Care Tips

Due to the exposure of skin to direct sun rays in summers, our skin produces more melanin a pigment in the skin which causes skin tanning. The sunny summers make skin harsh, if you don’t take care of your skin. When summers come it hosts lots of skin problems, like oily skin, dry and patchy skin, breakouts, pimples, rashes acne and more.

Here are some tips for your skincare:

Face care: In summers your face is the main target of sun rays. In summer skin need that regimen that hydrate and keep skin clean and grim free. Make sure you keep your face clean of dust and sweat through these hot days. Many people face breakouts and pimples in these days. Make sure you splash your face with water at least 3-4 times every day. You can use exfoliation methods such as scrubbing twice a week as depend on your skin. If you have acne then you can use Multani miti, Chandan, rose water and basil for moisturizing of the skin. If you have dried and matured skin you should use egg white, lemon, Chandan and curd with a pinch of turmeric and besan too.

Use products that protect from the weather: In summer your skin needs to breathe naturally. You may use light lotions and serums that can protect you from direct contact with sun rays and make your skin easy to breathe. You can use water base moisturizer work best for normal skin. For oily skin, gel-based moisturizers are best, and for extra oily and acne skin, use facial spray.

Basic care for skin: Sticking to the basics during summer is more important given the UV rays of the sun that could result in premature aging of the skin. You can drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated, use sunscreen that protects from harmful rays of the sun. Lips skin is very sensitive that got harm from sun rays. Make sure that you can apply SPF base balm that keeps your lips moisturized. Use SPF contain beauty product that protects skin from the sun. While you are out of shed wear hat, sunglasses to avoid direct contact from the sun.

Natural remedies: There are kitchen ingredients which can help soothe skin during summers. Lemon and tomato are very good for keeping skin fresh. For use freeze, the juice of lemon and tomato, rub on the skin and then let it dry on the skin. It will help to keep skin healthy. Eating heavy food is bound to make you uncomfortable in summer. It can make your skin oily and breakouts. You can add seasonal fruits and vegetable in your diet. Try vegetable and fruits instead of sugary drinks to hydrate you and feel fresh.

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