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Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which men have difficulty in getting and keeping an erection, facing trouble in sexual activities that do not get satisfaction.
Symptoms of erectile dysfunction may include in following:
Difficulties in Erection:
Sometimes there is a problem in having or getting an erection for sexual activity. Sometimes having an erection but not last long for sex or not enough hard for penetration.
Drugs or medicines:
If you are having any medicine you must have to check your medicine cabinet, as there are lots of medicines which cause erectile dysfunction. When you take these medicines they can treat disease but also affects hormones, nerves, and blood circulation which cause erection dysfunction problem.
If you are taking medicine for the diuretic, high blood pressure, depression, inflammation these may also cause symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
Other drugs which can cause ED problem are alcohol, cocaine, methadone, and opiates.
Your lifestyle can also be a reason for ED problem:
1.Smoking: It may include your habit of smoking which increases your risk of hardening of arteries. That reduces the blood flow to the sex organ. Blood flow helps to get an erection.
2. Overweight: Overweight also causes ED, regular exercise can help to overcome overweight because if you are carrying extra pound it may increase the risk of blood vessel disease.
3. Alcohol: If you consume more alcohol it is very harmful to your body. It also hurts the ability to get an erection. Alcohol restricts the blood flow and can hinder the production of testosterone, which can affect not only your performance but also your desire for sex also.
4. Physiological Causes: Physiological factor also causes erectile dysfunction. Physiological factors like stress related to Job, family problem, or money related or any of these factors also affect your stress level and harm your ability of erection.
Another physiological factor is anxiety if a person knows that he is suffering from ED.
Sometimes age difference between couples can also cause ED, which lowers the self-confidence and loss of interest in sex, be the result of stemming from problems in a couple’s relationship.
Preventions of Erectile Dysfunction:
Following are some steps for the prevention of ED.
 Stop smoking and also lowers the consumption of alcohol.
Include regular exercise in your routine.
Try to maintain your body weight according to your age.
Review the medicine you are taking and ask your doctor for those which may cause ED.
Avoid the use of illegal drugs.

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