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Nipah Virus

Nipah virus is a newly emerging virus that causes a severe disease in both animals and humans. The natural hosts of the virus are fruit bats. The virus can be transferred through infected bats, has been attributed to the loss of natural habitats of bats. As the flying bat’s habitat is destroyed by humans activity that bats get stressed and hungry, their immune system becomes weaker, their load goes up and a lot of virus spills out in their urine and saliva. Nipah virus is an airborne transmission infection and can affect those who came in the direct contact with an infected body.

Causes of Nipah virus:
Nipah virus can cause respiratory infection, extreme fever, vomiting and also cause swelling of the brain, due to which it can lead to the state of confusion, and even create the feeling of sleeplessness. It also causes neurological, respiratory and pulmonary problems as well. Stay away from consuming date palm these days. Date palm bitten by bats can also cause Nipah virus. The symptoms may take 14 days to appear it sings that person gets infected. The early symptoms are not very clear and create confusion of viral fever and the common cold.

Prevention and cures of Nipah virus:
Direct contact with infected animals and humans should be avoided. Patients should take precautionary measures, such as wearing mask and gloves. If you feel discomfort when in and around an infected region, get yourself tested immediately. People should avoid date palm sap. Avoid the communication of diseased person by close contact. Use barrier methods such as gloves, masks, and disposable gowns, as they are at high risk of person to person transmission of Nipah virus. Researchers suggest that antivirus medicines may be useful. The WHO (world health organization) state that a vaccine is being developed. The vaccination is recombined by the formulation that has proven successful in cats. Canarypox vectored Nipah F and G has appeared for preventing infection in swine and also has potential as a vaccine for humans.

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